ICI Bylaws (Prior to Amended Version 3-21-15)

Illinois CoDA Intergroup
Statement of Purpose, Preamble, and Bylaws

Statement of Purpose: The Illinois CoDA Intergroup (ICI) exists to support Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) groups meeting in Illinois in carrying out the fifth tradition of CoDA, to carry the message to codependents who still suffer.  The ICI accomplishes this by:

1.  Providing a regular forum for communication among CoDA groups.

2.  Facilitating the exchange of information between local groups and the National and CoDA World Fellowship.

3.  Coordinating outreach activities provided to the public by managing and maintaining the state meeting list and forwarding media and other public information requests to CoDA World.  (CoDA, Inc.)

4.  Planning and facilitating local and state-wide CoDA sponsored events.

5.  Selecting Illinois delegates and underwriting their participation at the annual CoDA Service Conference (CSC).


Preamble:  Illinois CoDA Intergroup (ICI) is a service board responsible to those they serve, the CoDA groups in Illinois.  Therefore, all that the ICI does will be guided by the twelve steps, twelve traditions, twelve service concepts of Co-Dependents Anonymous, and CoDA Fellowship Service Manual (FSM).*  A spirit of unity and service ought to pervade ICI meetings.  For our group unity there is but one ultimate authority - a loving Higher Power as expressed to our group conscience.  Decisions are made by group conscience as outlined in the CoDA FSM.

*These documents can be found on the CoDA website (www.CoDA.org).


Bylaws of Illinois CoDA Intergroup (ICI)

I. Membership and Voting

A.  Any CoDA group duly registered with CoDA, Inc., reported on the CoDA website, and meeting within the state of Illinois is considered a member group. 

B.  Each member group is entitled to one voting representative in ICI meetings, to be determined by each member group, referred to as a Group Service Representative (GSR).  Each GSR may represent only one member group for voting purposes.  In addition, each ICI officer is entitled to one vote. ICI officers who also serve as meeting representatives are only entitled to one vote.  Representatives of unregistered CoDA groups within the state and representatives from CoDA groups from surrounding states are encouraged to attend and participate in ICI meetings, but may not vote.  Anyone actively attending CoDA meetings may attend and participate in ICI meetings, but may not vote.

C.  It is recommended but not required that ICI officers and representatives meet the following criteria:

1.  One year of regular attendance and involvement in CoDA meetings.

2.  Actively involved in CoDA Sponsorship (has a sponsor).

D.  Regular attendance at ICI meetings is important for continuity.

1.  Officers must attend at least 50% of scheduled meetings in one calendar year to remain in good standing.

2.  Absences in excess of 50% without reasonable cause may result in termination of an individual's position as officer.

E.  Intergroup Representatives (GSRs) and Officers shall not personally profit from their participation in Intergroup.  However, GSRs and Officers may be reimbursed (&/or receive an advance) from member group(s) for expenses incurred as a result of carrying out legitimate duties for the Intergroup.

F. GSRs or member groups’ secretaries may indicate the results of group consciences taken by their group to the ICI secretary on issues related to amendments of ICI Bylaws, or to ICI delegates on items expected to come before the CoDA Service Conference.

II. Meetings

A.  Meetings shall be held quarterly or more often as designated by the ICI.  The meeting schedule will be determined at the last meeting of the year for the following year.

B.  A quorum of two officers and two GSRs is required for any vote.  (An officer who is also a GSR can be counted as one or the other but not both to establish a quorum.)  Members of unregistered meetings and other CoDA members who are not officers or GSRs are not considered when determining a quorum.

C.  Meetings shall be open to any CoDA member with the following limits:

1.  Any individual CoDA member may bring issues to the meeting for consideration and may participate in discussions.

2.  Voting rights are reserved for officers and GSRs.

III. Officers (Trusted Servants)

A.  Chairperson

1. Presides at ICI meetings.

2.  Sets the agenda and sends to Communications Officer for distribution.

3.  Receives nominations for officers to be approved by the ICI prior to elections.

4.  Coordinates with the Communications Officer in responding to public information requests.

B.  Communications Officer

1.  Helps the ICI communicate with codependents within Illinois by moderating e-mail lists and/or using other communication systems approved by the ICI.

2.  Maintains contact information for ICI officers, GSRs, non-member representatives, and contact persons for all meetings within Illinois (and any individuals regularly attending ICI meetings from surrounding states).

3.  Updates state meeting lists.

4.  Assists the Chairperson in responding to public information requests.

C.  Secretary

1.  Takes minutes of all ICI meetings.

2.  Sends draft minutes to Communications Officer for distribution to ICI officers, GSRs, and meeting contacts prior to the next ICI meeting.

3.  Maintains a repository of records and information relevant to ICI.

D.  Treasurer

1.  Deposits all donations from the CoDA groups and maintains the ICI checking account.

2.  Pays bills accrued by the ICI or by individual CoDA members on behalf of the ICI.

3.  Prepares financial reports for each ICI meeting.

E.  Events coordinator

1.  Maintains contact with individuals and groups sponsoring local and state wide CoDA events, providing support as needed.

2.  Coordinates the ICI Scholarship fund.

F.  State Delegate(s) and Alternate(s) to CoDA World

1.  To represent Illinois Voting Entity at the CoDA Service Conference

2.  See Section V below.

IV. Election of Officers

A.  Elections for the following year shall be held at an ICI meeting in the fourth quarter of each year.

B.  A one-month notice of elections shall be made by the Communications Officer through means available to all member groups, officers, GSRs and contact persons.

C.  A simple majority of all voting GSRs and officers present shall constitute a candidate's election.

D.  Terms for all officers except delegates shall be for one year.  Officers except delegates are limited to three consecutive terms in any one position.  (See Section V. C. for delegates.)

E.  Should a vacancy occur, the ICI will appoint an officer at the next ICI meeting to fill the position until the next regular election.

V. Selection of Delegates to the CoDA Service Conference

A.  The ICI, as the Voting Entity of Illinois to the CoDA World structure, is entitled to two delegates and two alternate delegates.  The number of delegates and alternates to be sent will be decided upon by the ICI, based in part on available funds.

B.  Nomination and elections shall follow the same procedure as for other officers of ICI.  It is recommended that Delegates have at least one year of service on the ICI.

C.  The term shall be for two years and Delegates are limited to 2 consecutive terms.

D.  Alternate(s) shall be the "Runner(s) up" in the election.  They will attend if the delegate(s) are unable to do so.

VI. Dissolution of Illinois CoDA Intergroup (ICI)

A. If another organization has been formed to represent the CoDA Groups in Illinois to CoDA, Inc., the existing ICI may turn over the assets to the new organization.  In the event that the ICI does not meet as scheduled for more than two years, the assets of the ICI will be turned over to CoDA, Inc. to utilize as they deem appropriate.

VII. Amendments

A. Any suggested amendment to the bylaws may be brought to any ICI meeting.  Under new business, the amendment will be crafted by those present. The proposed amendment will be presented to all member groups at least one month prior to any vote on the amendment at an ICI meeting under old business.


Approved: 11/17/2012


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