Service positions should take fifteen minutes per month, roughly.

Join the CoDA Intergroup during the next Intergroup Meeting via Phone number 312-448-7377 or meet in person at Westchester Community Church 1840 Westchester Blvd (on the second floor and please park in the back lot for ease) The phone and in-person meeting will be Saturday, May 19th at 1:00 PM

If you “have interest” in any of the following positions or would like to Invent your own position, here is a partial list of some of the service positions for next year (here are rough ideas for next year):

 Secretary board members: Taking Minutes of Intergroup meetings to type and post.

Elections board members: Collaborate on starting positions and movement prior to Elections per bylaws in November Meeting in Preparation for Following year.

Events board members: Collaborate on starting positions and events for future meetings guessing six to nine months from today. Locate other facilities for events in the future. Conferences, picnics, whichever seems fit.

Treasurer Board Members: Consider stepping into the challenging role of Intergroup treasurer or Events like conferences or Picnics or whatever events board members can provide direction on. Work on acknowledgments for 7TH Tradition Donations received in Elmhurst PO BOX. Investigating handling of 501C3 Status change.

Communications board members: work with and learn the intricacies of the Google site we will move off of soon. Collaborate with other Intergroup Board members and come up with existing files at www.IllinoisCoDA.org to start the new site with.

Chairpersons Board members: Collaborate with existing Chairpersons and develop strategies to foster traditions in Intergroup Meetings and Events. Act as Chairpersons for some events.

 By Law Board members: Collaborate with other board members and adjust bylaws as we grow to a ready organization for the future of Codependents Anonymous in Illinois.

Participation Board members: Ensure all subcommittees in the Intergroup are working together and reading or working in traditions as Enhancing healthy meetings.

Intergroup Literature board members: Learn about practices currently used for events and develop new practices for future events. Be involved with other board members for future events and ideas.

CoDA Art and fellowship board members: Consider stepping into Art Related events and ideas?

Importantly the Blank Blank Board members: Consider inventing your own ideas of what you can bring to the Intergroup. You may have a talent we could use for a win-win gain for both of us.

CoDA Weekly reading board members: Work with a growing team to participate in CoDA Weekly readings, which come out every week and submit codependent weekly submissions.

Information Technology Board Members – IT Develop and maintain Recordings of Intergroup meetings as a backup. Other objectives with Technical considerations such as Moving to a dedicated server and website with anonymity considerations for members using www.IllinoisCoDA.org

Delegates board members: Investigate CoDA.org financial sponsorship and Intergroup Financial sponsorship and work with delegates to ensure compensations are complete via group conscience.


Being a CoDA member.